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December 17, 2021

About AO WhatsApp

 The AO WhatsApp Lite is now providing more WhatsApp features for users in the form of lightweight applications. This application is also known as a mod application. If you are a user of the original application of AO then you to use this application. All the graphics of the two applications are the same. If you are using an android application, then this application will help you to save your internal storage. If you will free some space from your handset then it is a beneficial step for you. With the help of saved storage, you can use more applications.

The WhatsApp developers have made some rules and limitations in the official application. There is a time for your status and other text rules. But users want to use all features either than limited features. They want to try all those things that are available in the APK. If you are one of them, then you are in the right place. It will help you to use all features of the application in the mini pack. It’s the only way to know the full information about android WhatsApp. Some users want to gain more information about the application and they are in search of a way to unlock all limitations.

Information About AO WhatsApp:

As you knew that the official developers of the applications are known as Brian Acton. WhatsApp is developed by the two former employees of yahoo. These two employees have decided to make a platform where people will meet and share their feelings. Either they are in a long-distance. This platform will show their memories in “Status” form. They want to build a way through which people will spend some time with their relatives. But here you have given a limited time to see the status in 24 hours. If you will miss one, then you will never be able to see it again. Looking back on that mistake the AO WhatsApp developers have decided to build this application for users. Now you can see the status at any time. This application is here with all new and easy ways to save your time and fulfill your needs.

Now some features are easy to use with the help of this application. The features that are limited are now easy to use. These are Sharing Contacts, Sharing Locations, and Statuses. You can use all these features for free without facing any problems. Now you can use more enhanced features with the help of this application in a few easy steps. There are millions of active followers of the application. These users have been given the same better fee backs after using the App. We have more applications like this on theapkzone.

Features (Tricks) of AO WhatsApp:

There are several features are here for fulfilling your needs. Developers have tried their best to provide better tricks to use WhatsApp’s full features. Kindly look at the below given (Tips) features:

Language Translation:

If anyone your relative will text you in a different language, then it will translate that language into your spoken language easily. It will help you to read and understand all languages easily. Now you can text everyone in the world with the help of this application.

Text Scheduler:

If you have to text anyone after some time and you have no free time at that time then you will use this feature. Here you can text that person with the support of the schedule. You have to enter the time of delivering the text.

Unknown Number:

Now you can text anyone in the country either that person is your relative or engine. No need for a number of your contacts. You can randomly text on an unknown number. This feature is available for free for users.

DND feature:

This is the main feature of the application. All the process of the application is controlled by this feature. If you will enable this feature on your Android device, then nobody will be able to text and call you on the application. This feature will help you that time when you will the rest.

Hide Data:

Now you can secure your data with this feature. This AO WhatsApp is now providing you with this feature to hide your data. Here you have to set the password to open the feature. Without entering that key no one will get access to enter the portion.

Broadcast Text:

Here you can send a text to a group or a signal person through broadcast text. This is the easiest way to deliver your feelings to a person or a group through a special feature.

Status in AOWhatsApp:

In the official app, you have given a limit to writing a text about the status of about 139 words. Due to that limit, some words will leave to complete the full sentence. Now with the help of this application, you can easily write your full sentence.

Hide Name:

Some users want to hide their personal information and name by seeing other users. But it is not possible in the official application. If you want to hide your profile data, then use this feature that will help you to solve your problem in a few seconds.

Download Image:

If you want to download the status of a user then you can easily get this a second by using this easy trick. It will work 100% in Android handsets.

New Tips of AO WhatsApp:

Some new tricks are added to the application for users. These are given below:

  • Easy and new answering tool of 2021k.
  • Change app icon and notification feature.
  • Easy way to change all the graphics of the app.
  • Now you can send multi files at a time.
  • 100+ new emojis are available for your enjoyment.
  • 200+ stickers are here to express your feelings.
  • Many new themes are here for your matching.
  • Much more secure and easy to use.
  • High control on the privacy feature.
  • More customization options are here for you.
  • Not much difficult.
  • Lightweight application.

Screen Shots:

AO WhatsApp
AO WhatsApp

How to Utilize AO WhatsApp in Android Devices:

Some users have claimed that the old version of the application has some errors and bugs thatswhy it was not working correctly. The version is now free of bugs and errors. Not a single mistake is here in the application. All the features are new for users with advanced security systems. Some mod contains viruses in the download link, but in AO WhatsApp, there are no kind of viruses and malware are here that will damage your device. Easy way to download application in seconds.

  1. First, you have to tap the above download button to store the download link.
  2. This AOWhatsApp needs access from the device.
  3. You have enabled access from the device in settings>Allow Unknown source.
  4. After this, you have to tap on the store file to download the process.
  5. Wait for a complete download.
  6. It will show you the required Mobile number for the verification code.
  7. You have to enter your phone number to get a verification code.
  8. When you receive the code you have to enter it into the blank.
  9. Then you will grant access to enter the application for use.

Last Words:

An AO WhatsApp Lite application is filled with hundreds of free features. If you want to use all features of the what’s app, then this is the platform where you get your tool for free. There are many hidden features of WhatsApp. If you want to unhide all features, then you have to download AOWhatsapp APK on your Android device. It is lite in size and friendly with all mobile phone storage. Easy way to hide your personal data files in a free storage APP. This app is delivered by the Zemods developer.